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100 tags (confirm muntah membaca, terlampau banyak);

Personal Questions

p/s; akan jawab tag ini dalam pelbagai bahasa. BM/BI/BRUNEI/TAMIL/CINA. haha and bahasa2 yang tiada nama. okay let's start.

1. How do you define honesty?
jujur. jujur pada diri sendiri dan juga orang lain

2. What is your biggest fear or worry?
ketinggian! sangat gayat ok.

3. What is the main thing that makes you unique?
I can't stop talking =_=' bubbly~

4. If you had to evacuate your house immediately, what is the one thing you would grab on the way out?
my dslr!! Nikon d3100 my precious thing ever

5. What facial expression or movement do you do when you are lying?
erk.. entah lah. nanti aku try menipu, aku jawab balik soalan ni haha

6. What is the oldest item you own?
my laptop. haha old ka tu?

7. If someone was to give you one gift, money is no object, what would you want to receive?
rumah yang dipenuhi dengan barang Hello Kitty dari kitchen set, bedroom, bathroom. semuanya pink dan Hello Kitty

8. What does it mean to have courage?
berani untuk berdepan dengan segalanya. tak kira masalah, or something we fear

9. Do you like your name?

10. Do you have a nickname? What is it?
my family member (include my parents, sibling, cousin, aunt and uncle, grandmom, etc) panggil aku Nana, then campus friend panggil Teja (tunteja) and yang lain akan panggil Zati.

11. If you could have any special magic, what would it be?
boleh pergi dari satu tempat ke satu tempat dengan cepat

12. If you had three wishes, what would you wish?
1) of course to be rich! kaya raya
2) my room full of baju2 yang sentiasa up-to-date
3) dan wish untuk dapat banyak banyak wish lagi. haha

13. What is your greatest strength?
adeiii aku tak dapat jawab!! =(

14. What is your worst weakness?
emotional and too sentimental. cheesy juga kadang2

15. If you could predict the future, what would you do with that knowledge?
akan prepare diri untuk pergi future tu. nothing much to do actually. lebih suka go with the flow

16. Is your favorite time the past, present or the future?
emm.. smua pun favorite bah

17. Where do you see yourself in 20 years?
married with 3 kids. hidup dalam keadaan yang sederhana tetapi bahagia

18. Who is the one person that helped to make you who you are today?
my parents!

19. If you were punished for a crime, what type of punishment would you choose?
buat servis komuniti, hehe

20. Describe a time you got into trouble.
trouble? banyak. malas mahu cerita.

21. What do you do when you first wake up in the morning?
check handphone

22. What makes you a good person?
i love to smile and laugh

23. What would your obituary say?
erkkkkkkkk kin takut punya soalan

24. What is your greatest regret?
ada something yang paling d regret. but biarlah rahsia. sob sobb~

25. How would you describe standing on a beach looking at the ocean?
kalau org tengah buat begitu, mesti time tu dia putus cinta! haha

26. What is your favorite outfit to wear?
jeans, and dress

27. What do you do when you are driving alone in a car?
x pandai driving dowh

Love and Friendship Questions

28. If a friend is being bullied or harassed by someone, what do you do?
bagi kata-kata motivasi

29. Reflect on the characteristics of your best friend. What makes him or her so special?
dia kenal aku. tahu apa kelemahan dan kelebihan aku. and even when aku jadi kawan yang paling teruk, dia masih berkawan dengan aku

30. Has anyone close to you passed away?

31. Describe a time you fell in love.
HAHA. *shy shy cat terus mahu jawab soalan ni* susah mahu describe, tapi ianya sangat sweet =)

32. Can you keep secrets? Describe a time you didn't.
bila secret tu aku rasa bukan macam secret

33. How do you show your love for others?
cara aku layan dorang

34. What is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for you?
waktu aku susah, dia yang ada disampingku. eseh!

35. If you could become anyone's friend that you want, who would you choose?
jadi kawan Siti Nurhaliza =D

36. Are you the type of person with lots of friends or just a few close ones?
a lots of friends! tapi yg aku percaya cuma 2-3 orang saja as usual

37. What is one quality you admire most in others?
mesti ada keyakinan!

38. Do you prefer to be with those who are younger or older than you are?
older than me

39. If you could ask me one question, and I had to answer you truthfully, what would you want to know?
erkk.. apa aa? tanya: bila mahu kawin? haha

40. What is the meanest thing you have ever done to someone?
mengumpat pasal dia

41. Who is one friend from your past you want to reconnect with?
macam semua juga sudah reconnect

42. When did you kiss for the first time and what was it like?

43. Describe an activity that you think is truly romantic.
tengok movie, dan lepas tu pergi makan2 kek sambil cerita2, pastu pergi pantai. tengok2 sunset.haha

44. If you were to write a love note to your sweetheart, what would it say?
dear you, i love you.from,me. haha

45. When you are in trouble, whom do you call for help?
my besties

46. Who are the people you love the most?
family, friends, him

Worldly Questions

47. If you could speak any language, what would it be and why?
tagalog. haha best ba bahasanya di dengar

48. If you had to pick one place in your town to bring a tourist, where would you go?

49. What is the one cause that you feel most passionate about?

50. If you lived in the pioneer days, would you have traveled west or stayed put in the east?
stayed in the east

51. Which is your favorite non-profit organization? What do you do to help them?
My-Harapan. help belia2 untuk terus belajar

52. If you could travel to space, would you go?
Marikh. at least macam sama2 juga dengan Bumi :D

53. If you could move anywhere, where would you go and why?
Macau. sebab unik. negara yang ada pertembungan dua budaya

54. Would you want to travel the world on a boat in the sea?
boat? nope. tapi kalau cruise, bring it on.

55. When you travel away from home, do you miss it?
of course!

56. What is the greatest crisis we face as a world?
masalah politik yang bodoh

57. Describe your favorite vacation.
of course perlu ada teman.and vacation aku perlu banyak tempat yang cantik untuk digambar.

58. If you could write your own bill of rights, what would you include?
erkkk.. malas mahu fikir

59. What is going on today in the world that affects you the most?
peperangan! =(

Health Questions

60. What bad habit would you be willing to give up if it guaranteed you would live to be 100?
makan benda2 yang tak berkhasiat

61. What is your favorite thing to eat?

62. What is one food that you will not eat?
telur kuning

63. What is your favorite way to exercise?

64. If you had to choose to be blind or deaf, which one would you pick?

65. Have you ever been to a hospital? Why?
yeap. pengsan gara2 gastrik. haha

66. If you could have someone else's face, whom would you choose?

67. Describe a vivid dream you have had.
berada di suatu tempat yang penuh warna

68. What physical feature do you least like about yourself?
my perut. ahahahahaha

69. Would you want to know the exact day of your death?

Work and Career Questions

70. If you had to pick one hero, who would it be?

71. If you could pick one thing to change about your school or job, what would it be?
penguatkuasaan disiplin

72. What are most you proud of?
Tun Mahathir

73. Are you the kind of person who wants to be the big fish in a little pond or the little fish in the big pond?
little fish in the big pond

74. Describe a time when you wanted to quit, but didn't.
waktu aku jadi s/u jpp, banyak kali maw quit. tapi mahu inda maw tetap bertahan demi pengalaman

75. Mention one goal. When you hope to accomplish it?
memberi kesenangan kepada keluarga. bila aku kerja, Insya Allah

76. Is competition good for you?
haha maybe

77. If you could study anything you wanted in school, what would you want to learn more about?
mathematics. haha

78. What is something you learned in school that you think is useless to you today?

79. When someone fails at something, what should he or she do?
bangkit semula!

80. If you could pick any career, what would you want to be?
pengacara TV. haha

81. Do you want to be famous?

Entertainment Question

82. If you could become a character in a TV show or movie, who would you chose to be?
jadi Lisa Surihani haha

83. What is your favorite outside activity?
taking pictures

84. What is your favorite holiday and how do you celebrate it?
hari raya. caranya: makan2 kuih dan kek d rumah orang

85. What is your favorite sport? Do you play or just watch?
suka tengok olahraga. tapi suka tengok saja

86. Have you been on a roller coaster? What did it feel like?
ya! macam mahu mati rasanya haha

87. If you had to spend a day not using any technology, what would you do?
meraung haha

88. Describe the perfect party.
tiada alkohol.tapi penuh dengan muzik

89. What is your favorite type of art?

90. What sport do you think you are the best at?
hahaha none

91. Do you play an instrument?

92. Which is your favorite song?
right now, suka dengar Heart Vacancy-The Wanted

93. If you could be a cartoon character, who would you want to be?

94. Do you know any jokes? If so, tell me one.
none. haha

95. What is the one thing that makes you laugh the hardest?
kalau orang buat lawak, semua ketawa ku jadi the hardest

Family Questions

96. What makes your family unique from others?
kami semua suka interact each other guna facebook hehe

97. When you think back to your childhood, what was the hardest part about being a kid?
dibuli sebab aku kurus. bencik! sekarang gemuk sudah =p

98. What are some of your family's traditions?
emmmmm.. apa? entah. haha

99. Do you know how you got your name?
one of my aunt yang bagi

100. Are you like your parents or different? How?
of course i like. love them!


lilies.john said…
wow.. so many question..
but since i am a questionaire lover..
i want to try this too.. hehe
suraya hani said…
you give me something to write. (: thanks dear.

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